Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gestating really distracts you

I am gestating a big old baby girl. And man, is it distracting. I really find it hard to concentrate on things, like blogs and work, and blogs.

7 Months and still with all my faculties.
It has gotten very bad in the last month, now that I am 11 months pregnant. Or 34 weeks. Whatever! Don't badger me because I will yell and then cry and then yell again. It's a party round here.

However I have been writing - I turned out another version of Reunion Blues for the inimitable Clare Pickering and she says many lofty things like - "I'll do it at Adelaide Fringe" or "I'll do it at The Comedy Festival". I am happy to see it done anywhere again - especially as I managed to miss the first 15 minutes of it in the first season. And it's only 45 minutes long. Brilliant work by me, in getting the start time wrong and then telling all my friends that wrong time. So, yes if Clare felt like putting it on again, I'd be there, extra early.

This was Clare's Promo image - Cute right?
I also wrote two monologues for the Madwomen Monologues, one of them was based on a very interesting story that I listened to on This American Life (and I wished then, once more, that there was a "This Australian Life", because I would surely listen). The story was about a group of young girls who were imprisoned in the Weixian Concentration camp in WW2. The Japanese rounded them up and took them there. Although it could have been a recounting of the horrors of war it was in fact something much more moving than that. The, now old woman, at the heart of the story spoke with great affection about the teachers that went with them - who were also Girl Scout Leaders. And how this philosophy of good, clean living gave them all something very tangible to live by. I was really touched by it - so I wrote this monologue: Angels in Weixian.

I just looked up an image to go with my girl scout chitchat above and discovered that there is quite the difference between the girl scout uniform and the girl scout costume.....

I would like to feed you cookies (off my stomach)
I would like to sell you cookies.

Right before the deadline for the Monologues I had a very sudden urge to write about someone that my husband knew years ago - a friend of his was unable to stop his younger brother from dying in a terrible accident when they were playing. Thus Splinter in my Eye.

I also finished the latest draft of Anno Zombie, got knocked back again for two more rounds of funding and then sat in the corner with my back to everyone for about 2 days whilst I sulked. I wish that I could have done that. At any rate - we are climbing back on that zombie horse again and finding other ways to be funded. Because if the serious people that fund serious theatre can't get on board with dead people on stage making everyone laugh then the general fucking public will have to. I think that we'll crowd fund again - because it is great fun and works so well... It actually can work very well.  It did for us once before, but since then every man and his dog and his mask company has put up a crowd funding request.
Don't be sad, zombie, we'll work it out.
Given that I will be turning into my own kind of zombie soon, a parent of a newborn, I am hoping to get some things ironed out before she comes. Because after that I'll be as useful as a cactus.

Next year - Zombies. And babies. And no doubt more writing.