Sunday, May 17, 2015

Stringing it together believably

So I'm back from my fantastic trip through Europe. I feel so revitalised as a writer and as an artist. The tiny cobblestone streets, the Armagnac's in out of the way, difficult to find, deeply authentic local bars. The nights of back slapping and laughing and then crying and then laughing again. The drunken meanders through the corridors of streets that famous writers once trod in the same drunken manner. Ah yes, it was wonderful.

That's where I've been all this time, whilst not blogging. Yes, definitely been doing something useful with my time. And creative.

Whilst the above may not be strictly true, in the "actually being there" way - I have been hanging out with James Joyce a lot. And Charlie Chaplin, also Theda Bara, Coco Chanel and Mae West. What a raucous bunch. This time, I am almost entirely telling the truth. I am playing various and very similar French assistants in a play about Chaplin and Joyce making a film of Ulysses. It has been quite a lot of fun so far and is peopled with lots of lovely actors, the likes of whom I haven't performed with in a while.


The show "The Reel James Joyce" is booking now on if you enjoy a bit of slapstick and some chit chat re novel interpretations, then come along. 

Doing the play has taken up some of my free time, and then writing a one woman show for lovely comedienne Clare Pickering, finishing Fury, dramaturging Meeka and redrafting Anno Zombie has cleaned up the rest of my time. Most of these things are now down or on the back burner until our company has submitted for the Poppyseed Festival - everything except the redraft of Anno Zombie. That's the fun bit. The less fun bit is the application form. Why are application forms so horrible for the Arts? I don't think its just me who hates having to try and explain creative rationale's. They are very hard to pin down.

I don't develop a creative rationale when I write a play, I just write what interest me, what keeps me engaged and involved. But, if you want others to fund your work, or produce your work, this is not enough. It's the part I am not really good at, so I genuinely admire other writers that can push their work, and talk about it in the framework that arts bodies want. And there aren't many. Agents can push your work for you, to a certain extent - but you have to get one.

Anyway. Zombies. That bit I'm enjoying. After Mme Bishop spoke words of sense to me in a gentle manner I understood that there were things to be done to the play that I wasn't going to like, but I'm doin' 'em. There's a good freedom in that - once you see the light. Her insights have helped me to redesign the ending - which I think will all be good. A real enema to the rear of the piece.

This weekend I go to the countryside to look at roses and write the application with Christina. We shall slave in a garret with the a candle. Or something quite like that. And then emerge victorious. Or something quite like that.