Friday, January 30, 2015


Full disclosure - I'm a bit drunk. I just had to write that sentence about three times.

Lord why won't autocorrect just always correct my mispelling of "sentance", I am NEVER going to learn that the second vowel is an "e", never!

I am away - down the coast with a mate Jackie and her kids. We decided it would be good to do that - not realising that her children would go back to school today. So, it wasn't so much an 'end of holidays' holiday, but a 'start of the new school year' holiday. Which feels less deserved somehow.  Anyway we're in Sorrento and the children are still awake at 10pm and it's all going to Helena Handbasket. So that's that.

Helena Handbasket
I have had some quite nice wine and cheese though and despite a fair amount of yelling and negotiating and being corrected by a seven year old I am still able to talk about me writing.

Alice and I still labor on with Fury. I thought we might nearly be done, but Alice sent me a wonderfully tactful email that said something like "Spunk, I think that the last two episodes that we have written might not be quite top notch and we should perhaps lay in some actual tension and points of interest. Love always Alice". I fair took her point and we coalesced at my place to talk it over. This involved wine, chitchat, banter, arm wrestling, chocolate, pizza and finally, writing. We re-wrote the seventh episode and the outline for the eighth. We have been talking a lot about keeping the audience with us, making them watch. Turns out that some of my more ponderous realism may not make the teenagers shout 'YOLO' - or whatever it is they are shouting now.

YOLO, ug like... no. I cannot even.
So we included a car chase and an explosion. That should do it. Alice did mention in passing that we would now have to trim then episodes down. I resisted the urge not to throw myself at her feet screaming "My baby! My baby! Give me back my baby". Instead I fingered my chin thoughtfully, in a way that I hope looked relaxed and mature.

Like Obama.
I have also started working with Carl W and Clare P on expanding a character called 'Farsi' that I wrote for the Madwomen Monologues. Clare was magnificent in the role, brilliant, witty and a show stopper. Luckily she was the last act of the night and the show stopping was completely acceptable. Anyway, turns out that Clare can't let Farsi go, so we have met and chewed over the expansion for the character into a one woman show that encompasses a few major moments in Farsi's life - leading to her 20th school reunion.

I am writing the outline as we speak. Not actually, clearly, but in and around. In and around.

The zombies are coming along. I belted them into a second draft and then send that to the Griffin Prize. It may not be up their alley, but you don't know unless you try. Alice sent me another email to ponder about the zombies. I love her so much that when she sends me critiques I am duty bound to turn them over and over. I don't know that I can really complete her vision of a dystopian zombie land that is funny and wholly original. She does push me though, that she does.

It was Alice that also suggested that I write my shark idea into a short story. This was a film idea that has been kicking around for ages. I actually wrote a few scenes using some cheap ass free software from the web and now can't read the format anymore because its ".fyl" (fuckyoulady) or something. Anyway it sits in a lumpen heap on my old computer taunting me whenever I start that ancient dinosaur up.

So many captions, so little time.
My mate, and a DP and Director, Simo, like the idea a lot. I pitched it like this  "Girl falls in love with shark". Ta-da! He thought it was genius. There is also incest in there too. So instead of feeling sad that my scenes are locked up like a software chastity belt - I have decided to make lemonade out of sharks and write a short story. Stay tuned. Long form prose not really my thing - but I'm willing to wade in.

Also my new years resolution is to write some erotica. I feel like that might have been my resolution last year. I certainly thought about it a lot.