Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Adieu Pink Shoe!

This poem was written by my friend Carolyn Hicks. It concerns a pair of pink fluffy shoes that I gave to her daughter to celebrate her arrival on this planet.

I love the poem and it was made all the more special to me because the shoes were also used to house eggs during a transporting crisis.

Adieu Pink Shoe. 
By Carolyn Hicks

Pink shoe, my heart is filled with woe
that from our lives you've had to go
No other shoe, however sweet,
has served so well my baby's feet.

Possessed of an almighty grip
From fuzzy heel to cosy tip
You kept her toes all toasty warm
Through icy wind and thunderstorm
And when not needed by my daughter
You doubled as an egg transporter.

I tried my hardest to deny
That babies grow as time goes by
But sure as Albury meets Wodonga
Those tiny feet got longer and longer
With so much foot round which to mould
You could not keep as firm a hold
And with a tiny fluffy sigh
Were lost amongst the passers-by.

The question now that I must answer
is what befalls your fellow dancer?
Babies generally have two legs...
I guess I'll just transport some eggs.

Apart from being adorable, it is also a very good poem. 

"Tiny fluffy sigh" - wish that I'd thought of that. 

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