Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sparking your Pinterest...

Hello there, small but delightful band of people that fitfully read my musings. Good on you for hanging in, if you did. And if you didn't I can hardly blame you, lets face it it's a busy, distracting world and there are lots of things to look at and do. Like Pinterest, which is something to do with butterflies. I'm pretty sure it is.


I haven't written any more on Fury but I did lay out my big PLOT CHANGE to my director who was very amenable to it, she did have a drink in her hand at the time, I mean, I chose my moment, lets be clear.  But still Alice was receptive and I think that we can both get on board with it all. Soon.

I wrote a fun little play the other day called Keeping Up Appearances - which bears no relation to that British show about that woman called Hyacinth. Although it is about a wealthy older couple who are doing a good job of maintaining order in trying times. I sent it to Wayne who immediately said that I should make it into a longer play, which is what he always says. I think that I would feel a bit let down if he didn't. As usual I demurred - but I have to say a stage comedy about the undead has some appeal - right? I immediately started riffing on the idea and came up with a sort of existentialist zombie who is trapped somewhere and has a series of soul searching monologues. In which he groans and mumbles a lot. I am thinking a kind of brain- eating Hamlet. 

Thank you internet.
So that might be a thing - I will let it rattle around in my skull a bit more. I am also really looking forward to writing for the next Baggage show - which will likely be a comedy concoction of some sort or other. We hope to have a guest star writer to join us on our travels as well, more on that later. Hooorah!

I have been talking aloud a lot lately, even more than usual. I talk to myself so much that my son doesn't even comment anymore. He used to ask me what I said, and I would say "talking to myself". And, being 3 at the time, he would be totally cool with that. Let's face it he sings, creates characters and has entire conversations with himself. Who would he be kidding if he was to question my periodic and quite benign chatter. It's the way that I work out my characters. I also often talk into the iphone and record dialogue. That's how I managed to keep some of the good lines from Keeping up Appearances in my head. Sometimes I come up with lines of such brilliance and acuity that I can barely believe them myself, and then I promptly forget them. 

Brain: Did you forget that line?
Me: YOU forgot it. 
Brain: No, I thought it up, I don't remember things after that. I think them up. I am the thinker upper. 
Me: So, who, out of the two of us, is going to remember the brilliant things that you think up?
Brain. Not. My. Problem. 
Me: Well, then we will remain in obscurity forever, unable to be recognised for the poignant and humbling beauty of our prose because we CAN'T REMEMBER IT. 
Brain: Remember what?

My brain is quite high maintenance. It's my cross to bear. 
That's me, patiently bearing my cross. Wow that dress makes my boobs look huge..
Also I made a  New Years Resolution - something that I haven't done in years. It was to get serious about writing. More serious. This year I will write a screenplay. Feature length. Of as yet undetermined length. Now it's in my blog and I can't take it back.