Monday, July 16, 2012

Vigorously Rogered

After last night, that's how I feel. Nothing wrong with that though right? Eh? Eh? It's good stress relief. I have been extremely stressed during the writing of Fury - so much so that I took to nocturnally clenching my jaw. My massage therapist friend told her naturopath friend and she prescribed lots of magnesium. Tantamount to how bad I was feeling I simply said yes and began to take it three times a day. Has it made a difference? I think so. My jaw still feels tight, but that crushing sensation, as if Andre the Giant had my head between his slab like hands and was pressing, is all but gone.

Big lovable lug.
Last night was the reading for the first draft of Fury - I had chilled out a bit before this night as I had already handed the scripts to the actors and was enjoying what I call the "public transport sensation" - that's when you have mounted your transport of choice and now it's out of your hands. You have done everything you can to get there - now its up to the tram/train/bus driver. Nice feeling that.

As I am a single Mum there is always a bit of organising to do before any of these events, I have baby sitters to brief and dinner and baths to get going and also an increasingly impatient child to manage. As soon as Gabe hears that Heidi is coming over he nags me relentlessly as to when she'll get there. As soon as she arrives he says to me "Can you GO now!".  Darling little tyke, what a rascal eh?

I often wonder what it's like for writers that aren't managing kids or running households or doing the supermarket shopping - I think about the time that they can dedicate to their writing without a 20kg weight jogging their elbow whilst they write. Then I look at my annoying little creep and remember the things that I love about him, which are taking a while to come to the surface at the moment, but will be along presently. Anyway, I would probably take over the world if I had more time and none of us wants that.

Me with too much time on my hands, and wearing my glasses.
I had added another three or so scenes since the actors had last seen the script and so there was a bit of chit chat when we all arrived - mainly to the tune of "Do you want me to stand or sit for that?". We had about 70 people booked, I think that about 60 came which was pretty good numbers, really. After all it's cold and windy and this is theatre - not sport.

I was nervous and hadn't eaten since lunchtime - so the glass of wine that I had was possibly not advisable. Also given that I was filming the event and needed a steady hand I probably could have waited. But I didn't.

No, nowhere near that bad.
Alice introduced the piece with lovely words and all in the right order and then my actors acted. One of the biggest battles with any piece of work is getting the right people. When I say that I had the right people, I am not joking. I had 6 of Melbourne's best working Independent theatre performers and frankly that's the way to roll. It was an oddly removed experience watching the play - possibly because of a glass of wine, or because I was observing the whole thing through a view finder or because I wrote it in 6 weeks. Or a bit of each.

I was moved. There were moments where I could feel that more was needed, or I got that there was a logic jump, but there were moments where I felt all of those characters in a very sweet and acute way. And when we got to the end, I knew that the play could be beautiful and powerful. It has flashes of this, but it can be so much more. It will be.

Alice introduced everyone at the end and in an unusual turn of events I was too shy to get up and wave when she introduced me. Plus, the glass of wine...

One of the ways that this play will come alive is with the use of projection mapping - if you don't know what it is look HERE. Did I blow your mind? Well it can join mine, it was officially blown weeks ago and now all I can think about is making these things happen on a stage with THIS play. You can see the way that projection mapping creates a world - and entire world - I want actors to inhabit that place - I think that it could be extraordinary, in a way that we haven't seen before. But, you know, it costs money - etc etc.

Thanks to all those that came last night and to those that were so positive afterwards, there was a lot of goodwill in the room. I have to get on with re-drafting Rhonda, but I'll be back to Fury - we all will. You wait. Or don't. Your call.

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