Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still Harping on Monologues

It's hard to talk about writing when you haven't done any. At all. Virtually none. I mean I may have browsed through a lot of other people's writing in the past month or two, but I have only written one thing. And that was for a deadline. My own deadline. For a season that my company is putting on. But you see, I pay attention to my own deadlines too.

Regarding the various personal projects that I'm working on - I will be developing Rhonda a bit further. Looks like there might be an interesting opportunity to work on it more before the performance next year.

Fury: I met with an amazing woman who told me first hand what it's like when your child takes their life. It was powerful and sad and energising and helped me to see why I am interested in this project idea.

I had a new idea called The White Box. I am simmering it, until it is delicious and thickened. I write a food blog too in case you didn't know..

HEY! That's right I have been writing, it's just that I've been writing about food. And of course 1000 emails to various people about all sorts of shit. And Facebook posts. And lists. I have been writing heaps and heaps of things.

But not Twitter. Honestly people I am not a 140 chars girl. Sometimes it's best to face these things.

I wrote a monologue too. It will be going on for the Madwomen Monologues - which will celebrated in all their PR glory very shortly on a glossy website with pictures and things that move. I am assured.

My monologue looks at the disturbing rise of street kids through the eyes of a fish living in the Yarra. No it doesn't. But that's quite good.

It is a piece of fluffery which takes a poke at romance novels, and I will, ahem, perform, it. Yes.. Moi. More soon.