Saturday, June 11, 2011

Acting - not really

I am referring to me, in that title line not my actors. They are all acting in a very convincing and beautiful way. They start this "acting" of theirs on Tuesday Bee Tee Dubbya. So if you are in Melbourne, Australia, you should probably come and watch them.

That's me directing, I look intense don't I. I am, very intense. I wasn't telling Kelly off actually I was being her character. I always find that actors like it the best when you SHOW them exactly what you want. In that picture is from L to R - Kelly, Chris, Dan and (being completely obscured by me) James. Dan looks a bit skeptical and Chris looks outright concerned.

Anyway, acting: me. Since I was only directing a show, raising a four year old, working a job, writing a full length work and applying for funding I thought that I would take on an acting job. I used to do a school show for the awesome folk at Phunktional and they asked me if I could do three shows this month. I said yes because I am Anglo and middle class and have a lot of trouble saying no. There seemed to be a lot of reasons not to do it, all the listy type things above and then also that it is a very ACTIVE play and I am 38 and bits of me keep breaking and falling off and stuff. I already bought my osteopath his second floor extension with my dodgy neck, alone.  So I was a bit worried, plus I am playing a 17 year old. Yes, laugh if you like, theatre is about SUSPENSION of disbelief. Although this was probably more like a complete removal of belief.

I rehearsed the school show and felt marginally better, nothing broke and I knew most of the script (by osmosis it seems). And yet. Yet, I felt stressed. My neck started giving me epic headaches every day...

And then I was released. How did I do it? By whinging and whinging, until the artistic director organised someone else. I'm not saying it's the best way, but it's my way. So I didn't have to do the school show and another actor needed the money more and she got the gig - so, it worked out nicely, see. But let this be a quasi-morality tale for you, in that, I should just say no. Right at the beginning.

I shot an ad on Friday too. I decided I could handle the stress of that. And the cash.

That's the end of my acting stuff. - if you knows me, then you knows that I don't do much acting stuff these days, so that's quite a lot for me.

I WISH I could say that Fury is more written. I did get the green light to submit for some nice funding for Fury for 2012 - I still have an application in for the RE Ross Trust award, but there's no point relying on that. I really need to write at least half before it goes into development - not sure if it is time yet for a small noise of alarm..."meeep".

Just a tiny heads up: Baggage will be calling for monologues from female Australian playwrights very soon, we will be putting on three nights of monologues as a fundraiser for "Rhonda is in Therapy". So I will be asking the fabulous women writers that I know, and a few that I don't know but will approach, to write something new! Sorry men. You have your uses, I think you know where they are... eh?.. eh?.. eh? 

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