Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grammatical Pedantry

As a writer I think about words a lot, Stands to reason right? I love language, I love long words and short words and archaic words and silly words. I love all of them.

(Man, I wish that the next door neighbours children would just go ahead and actually kill each other, that racket of them screaming is driving me nuts).

I love words in all sorts of crazy order and I have a fine appreciation for words used with subtlety, used abstractly and with surreality. I like words. You understand. Yes, I know you do.So when I see blatantly weird bits of grammar or strange little word decisions made with seem to be oddly useless, I think about it.

Recently I flew Virgin to Sydney, not on a virgin, as I would have to find one firstly and secondly I would definitely have trouble getting them to take off. I went to the loo and saw this little notice on the wall.