Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Being commissioned

I really should have the word commissioned in - " " - those things, like "commissioned". Because there is being commissioned as in "Well, Spielberg just called me and we tossed an idea round and I'm going to have a go at writing it, and he'll pay me 1.1 billion". Then there is being "commissioned" as in "Hey, awesome writer types, we have NO money, but we are doing a season of plays about a really GOOD and WORTHY thing, will you please submit a short play?". 

So that's what I actually meant.

In fact I was asked along with probably many many many others if I would consider writing something about climate change. Lord. I said "Suuu..rrre.." in an uncertain way. I already knew this was an impossible task, you can't write about things like climate change as they are too DIDACTIC and MEANINGFUL. My natural tack would be to try and turn the whole thing on its ass, and make it funny or not really about climate change at all, but with a casual mention in that direction. But I didn't get the feeling that was what they wanted.

So I kind of said "Well, if I get a good idea then I'll send it over" and they said "Cool can you please write a letter saying that". And I said "Wow.....- uh why?" and they were like "Well, you need to express interest in being a part of the Festival". Uh-huh, Express interest. Sounding a lot less like commissioning now and more like "applying". 

So I did. Apply. And then I waited for all the ideas to flood into my wee brain, spilling out onto the page and filling it with non didactic, interesting musings on the climate and the changie-ness of it.

Pfft.Nada. Nothing. Nix. No good ideas.

So I kind of forgot about it. Until one day when I was working and desperately looking for something else to do, I had this little idea. Timing: my play about Climate Change

Have a read if you feel that way inclined.

BTW the rehearsals for The Subconscious Cometh - the new June show are coming along beautifully. My cast are so lovely and sweet. Sigh. Now if only I could get them all in the same fucking room together. That would be a thing.

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  1. Ha! I think I know that Advertising Executive!

    Good stuff. You need to blog way more!!