Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Subconscious Cometh (slowly and steadily)

We have started rehearsals for the Subconscious Cometh, the new short season that Baggage is doing. I wrote 6 of the bits in it and I'm pretty pleased with them all. We cover ghosts, splintered personalities, new age crappy philosophy and a slavish devotion to oral sex. A good night of theatre, with rude words, good actors and very few, if any, special effects.

I am directing four of the bits and three other directs are directing the other four. Does it all work out, maths - not my strong point. After Beaten Hearts, which I ruled over with an iron will and obsessive controlling nature, I felt a wee bit tired. So I thought "I might hire a few other directors to share the burden". It's a great idea, honestly, except that I don't have any control over their pieces, so I'm dealing with that, with some hard drinking.

I began my directing journey with Haunting the James' on Friday past, the delightful Christina and hauntingly beautiful Kelly made me laugh and laugh. What a pair. Then we began. Haunting the James' is about a ghost in therapy having trouble scaring the people she's haunting. The James'. It's a comedy, Chris is playing the ghost and Kelly, the rather droll, therapist. Needless to say, but I'll say it - they was funny those two. They were chewing scenery like a 12 year old Maltese terrier. Or two of them.

On Wednesday I'll see Tiffany for her monologue and then a few more of the scallywags on Friday for some transitions. It's all about transitions. Nice tight transitions,which flow smoothly and seamlessly between each short play, creating an incredible beautiful rolling piece of cohesive, brilliant theatre. With a song and a dance. Yes, oh yes. There will be a song and there will be a dance.

In other news: I'm making dinner - pesto and chicken. Gabe is watching Shrek 2 for the 80th time and Fury has generated some interesting, uh, interest. I'm a writer. More to come. Always.

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