Friday, March 4, 2011

Cast! The season is cast!

We held some auditions the other night for male actors. Well it was more like a fun night of friends just hanging out, where one friend made all the other friends do funny things to make her laugh, and when she didn't like the funny thing that they did she didn't cast them. Ahhh me.. sigh. Good stuff.

The cast is now final. Drumroll please. Now a slight awed pause, and then: Kelly Nash, Christina Costigan, Tiffany Davis, James Deeth, Nick Bendall and Dan Walls come on DOWN!

I have to say it, I'm getting quite excited! The plays have been finalised and we have six actors now instead of five. We couldn't decide between the boys, it was like when you go to the lost dogs home and you're like "that one has soft ears" - "but this one has big eyes" - "This one does cute tricks" - "This one bears a resemblance to Liza Minnelli" - "This one makes coffee and speaks four languages" - "Oh I can't make up my mind!" - "Let's take them all!!!" "How much???? - fuck it we'll have those three". It's a bit like the lost dogs home.

So yeah, six actors. So that awesomely funny bit that I wrote about the woman being visited by her own subconscious dressed as a spider had another character jimmied into it. That's how amazing my plays are, you can add characters willy-nilly. Ahem.

I am trying to figure out how to update that particular play on - at any rate you can go there and search up my plays then read them if you are feeling pretty dedicated to the cause.

I have had a great lead for Fury, but I can't talk about it yet... yes I know.. I am secretive and annoying.