Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carry On Rhonda

Good title for the sequel I'm thinking.

Rhonda moves on. Yes, things are happening here, for anyone that saw the reading and thought it was great, it will definitely have it's day on stage soon. If you hated it, well, I mean, why? Justify that. Seriously!

We are in fund raising mode. I am organising the season for June, meeting for funding for Rhonda, toying with a monologues night to raise money and writing Fury.  My cyber bullying play. I will blog more about Fury soon.. it requires a bit more space and time then I have at the moment. And I think that it will miss out on being submitted to RE Ross Trust as it simply won't be developed enough. (#bummer)

So, Rhonda; we are feeling pretty good about a season at 45 Downstairs next year in May. The lights are green on that at the moment. Now I am just checking the back of the couch for 100k. Yep. That's what it costs to put plays on when you suddenly pay everyone! All these years getting everyone to work (fairly cheerfully) for free and it turns out that when you start paying it costs an absolute shitload to make a play. Don't get me wrong, I want to be paid and I want to pay others. I do. But 100k.

Now, we are writing funding apps and thinking about ways to make money.

Tell me if you think of some way to do that - which doesn't involve selling my kidneys.

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