Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Reason, Another Season (of plays)

I am writing for a new season of short plays at the moment, this will go on with Baggage Productions in June. Having a new season looming does one of two things to me; I feel invigorated and excited about writing and the words flow like heated honey - or I feel all pressured and stressed and don't get ideas, and then get resentful and then eat chocolate and have baths.

It's the former for this season. Although the chocolate and baths aren't bad in the latter. I have written three short plays and two monologues. Or, rather I have finished one play, that was lurking about, re-branded the one that I wrote for 48 Hours and are finally showing one that I wrote last year. The Mono's are both new. I've got a nerve saying I wrote them ALL for the season...

Christina (Costigan) has written a funny play called Motivational Dating which went on in LA in 2010 and will now make it on stage in Australia.

I have a tried and true practice with writing. Write a bit, walk away for a day or so and then write a bit more and then a bit more. Walk away (have a bath) write a bit more. Come back and read it all and decide if it's crap. Cry, if it's crap. Reach for chocolate - so much of my creative life finishes with "reach for chocolate".

In actuality if what I wrote was clearly crap it would be easy, sometimes it's not really crap, but it's not very interesting... BUT it may have it's uses later. That's hard.

My monologues are for a male and female respectively. I don't mind writing from either outlook - but generally always find that I only want to write a monologue when I have a very strong mental journey in place for the character. Sometimes in plays I can meander along and see what happens, that is EXTRA boring in monologues. Monologues are a bit like the car chase in movies, they really should be exciting and going somewhere, even if it is into the ocean/front of a shop/off a cliff.

So we will be producing Spirit Guy - which I uploaded here ages ago and also Sub Conscious Cometh (new) and Greta,Alone - which si the re-branded version of the play I wrote for 48 Hours. The guy mono is called "Tasteless" and then girl one is called "Motherhood". I have uploaded the plays to http://www.scribd.com/bridgette_burton_1

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  1. Actually Beebs, Motivational Dating with be a World Premiere in Melbourne. It wasn't performed in LA :)