Saturday, November 6, 2010

Electronic City - not strictly about writing...

Not at all about writing.

I have been assisting Wayne whilst he directs Electronic City and it has been a very interesting experience for me and very exciting. The play is an intense piece, fast paced, but quite uni dimensional, meaning what you see is basically what you get. A crazy examination of the modern world, following two loosely affiliated partners as they each battle their own modern demons, imaginary and real. It's a tight piece. Eight actors - two "leads" and 6 chorus who are kept very busy.

This week the play opens and will be a very hasty and orchestrated 60 mins. Come and see it. You should, if only because it is just very, very interesting.

After Electronic City I am directing a short one for PlaySix, this one is written by Michelle Wallace who wrote a very interesting play called Wild Things a few years ago, which I also directed. So here I am again directing for Michelle - this time the piece is a bit lighter and brighter. "Martha Plants Sunflowers" is a nicely balanced little piece. You should also come to PlaySix - not just because the pieces are always well chosen, but because Shannon Wollard has worked very hard for quite a few years to keep this season running. It is held at Williamstown Little Theatre and it would be good to see the wee theatre filled.

On a more personal writing note I am thinking a lot about Fury and have started to cast it in my head. This is a good step for me as it helps me see the direction of the piece and to hear the voices speaking. I have had lots of ideas for scenes, it feels very promising. Moreover I have met some really interesting people who have given me great ideas and also great leads.

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  1. Thanks for taking it on, Bridgette. I am looking forward to it! 'Martha plants Sunflowers' will also be on at Short & Sweet in Sydney too.