Saturday, August 21, 2010

Short plays - time - work life balance - etc

I wrote a short play about two or three weeks ago, I haven't been writing anything except Rhonda and making notes on Fury - so to suddenly have a wee idea and dash it off was unexpected.

It's called Spirit Level and is a sort of "What if" regarding who we get as a spirit guide when we die. It will be read at the next meeting of the Melbourne Theatre Collective, so come along and watch if you feel up to it. That's on Aug 28th at the Arts Centre. They have a page on FB - just search them up.

I've been reading a great deal - well more than usual - this gives me some reprieve from writing and also lets me get some inspiration from other writers. I am continually thinking about going away somewhere remote and windswept and sitting in a wee cabin writing. But I know that it would be cold, and I don't like the idea of that, especially the windswept bit. Plus there would probably be no internet access and there's only so much romantic brooding I can do, until I need to play Farm Town.

I also really want to start writing Tactical Mind. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the idea but feel like it could be interesting and watchable... also I want to write my novel - about Evie and the baby Jacob. So, what to focus on? Ideas are definitely not my problem, time and inclination are a whole other issue.

I've seen a couple of good plays recently "Happily Ever After" by Jane Miller and "She's Not Performing" by Alison Mann. Both were at La Mama in Melbourne, so working with some stage size restrictions, and both made good use of the space. Probably the best I've seen done there. Jane's play was lovely and wistful, with a sad sort of unrequited energy to it, not in love, but more in hopes and dreams for life.  Alison Mann's play was more challenging and had a  few explicit moments - on the whole it was powerful and sad, my only criticism being that the lead actor could have been more sympathetic to the audience had she been able to reveal her pregnancy earlier. Sorry if you are seeing this and just read that.. although, it doesn't give much away to say that!

Next time I blog I want to have some new writing  going one way or the other, as always if you want to read my stuff let me know.

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