Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rhonda is in Therapy - The first Reading

For those that are interested in the evolution of "Rhonda" - we had a reading of the full script on Weds 7th and it was interesting and fairly enlightening.

It was clear after the reading finished that we are going to need to have a partial moved reading. The big plan prior to reading it was that the actors would conduct the entire reading seated. But the play definitely loses something without the "lightening" influence of the multiple sex scenes. Oh, I see, NOW you're more interested aren't you, after I said 'multiple sex scenes'. :)

But actually they are energetic and a bit slapstick in places and they give the play a very light and bouncy energy for the opening, otherwise it's a bit... um... dour. Which isn't so good. So yes, the actors will have to, at least minimally, mime the sex. The rest of the play is reading a bit better. I did say that I was trying to make Lief's journey a bit more real and three dimensional, but in doing so I've made him yell more. So that's had to be cut back a bit (Sorry to Ben, for all the yelling).

And now, we have one more rehearsal on Aug 22 and then we're up on Sep 3. I hope that the reading can convey the strengths of the script and I hope that the weaknesses get overlooked. Until I understand better how to jimmy them.

I'll be letting people know when the reading is and the time and booking numbers etc (it's a free event). See you there.

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  1. Ah! I've been totally slack and haven't read the most recent draft. I'm sorry, Beebster. Do let me know the details of the reading - I'll pass on to Mum who I'm sure would love to attend. I'll be there in spirit :)