Monday, June 21, 2010


I have progressed to Draft 1.5.

Drafting is such a scary process, it's so hard to know if I am drafting  the play now for myself or others. Mostly I feel in control of the changes that I make, but I am influenced by the ideas of others, esp mentors and writers who I think are good.

Plus I am kind of sick of the play. I always get like this when I have choked out the first draft. You write it, you let others read it, you listen to them and then you think "aww fuck, now I have to rethink everything!". Well not quite, but rather I have to really think about the characters - more deeply and move them into the next realm. Where they live and breathe more.

In 1.5 I have focussed on Lief living and breathing more. I hope that he does. I'm not sure if I'll redraft it again before July 7. I kind of hope to, but I also want to hear it read out aloud. I feel like I am going to be able to spot the weak sections more easily.. or I'll be bowled over by how gorgeous it is, or I'll just have no clue. Please don't let it be option 3.

I am also kicking a few short play ideas around. I haven't submitted for S&S this year, just don't have anything new or short enough. I'm thinking though. I like to submit at least.

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