Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rhonda is in Therapy

Some people who read this blog will have also read Rhonda. It is a full length play that I have written and am now drafting.

I have just hit that point where I am not sure if it is any good. Despite what people say. This is because I've re-read it a few times and am worried that it is self indulgent nonsense. This is what happens when you read your own work too much.

I got some great feedback from people about the script and have been mulling over it. I'm not going to drop the text here, it's 70 pages long and wayyy to close to me for open debate. (between the two people I've given this blog address too...)

My main issue is in making the Lief character less perfect and more believable and by doing so giving him more of an inner life and three dimensional quality. I feel that doing that is going to change the end of the play. At 5 am this morning, when Gabe woke me up, I lay in bed thinking about the fact that if Lief truly turns this situation around at the end of the play then really they all need to move back to Germany. Which has a kind of nice synchronicity to it, as it's where they met and also it's the "dream land" that Rhonda's father always talked about. But man.. that's going to require some re-writing. Unless it's alluded to. At any rate I don't like the end and feel that the phone call with Hannelore can go.

The play has a reading at 45 Downstairs on Sep 3, 2010 in Melbourne Australia. This is part of Flashpoints - connected to winning RE Ross Trust last year.

So If you have a comment re the play and you've read it then let me know. Most of you have spoken to me already about it. But I need to have a second draft by 7 July. That's the next rehearsal.

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  1. Ooh, Beebs, I like the idea of a move to Germany at the end. Or at least that it is agreed they will go. Lief is very long-suffering and patient with Rhonda; there are moments in the play when I think, 'yes, Lief take your daughter and go to Germany; give Rhonda an ultimatum - come with us or goodbye'. Maybe in the end Rhonda suggests it, after having had something of a breakthrough finally able to say goodbye to Jamie/Jamie, proving to her family that she's ready to move on. Although it could also be another way of running away, back into the past.