Sunday, June 13, 2010

Evie (The T-Series)

This is a novel concept, meaning for a book, not "wow a completely new concept".

Our heroine is Australian - but really could be any nationality as not much is made of that one way or the other apart from geographical references. It is set at some point, similar to now, life is much the same apart from the fact that a vast number of the population, to different degrees have a level of telepathy - or other "mind power" (for want of a less hokey phrase).

This is called the T-level. There are four t-levels 1 being the lowest kind of ESP and 4 being the highest. This could range from telepathy, empathy, kinetic abilities etc. Or a combination. Most t-4's (about 8% of the population) are employed by the government. When you have a populace with these kinds of gifts you have totally different kinds of crimes. And therefore different sorts of policing.

Evie is 17, 5 months pregnant and a T-4. Two months ago her baby started to talk to her. His name is Jacob. Jacob is going to change the world.


  1. You've sold it to me. Keep writing! I want/need to know more.
    It allows for so much to happen. I'm very intrigued.
    It's the start of a great blurb too.

  2. I agree with Dave.

    So I'm picking up on a telepathy theme (Tactical Mind) - what has prompted this, B? What about it intrigues you as a writer? Have you read The Chrysalids by John Wyndham?